Group By Option Not Showing Up on Pages

Hi everyone. I currently have a page that displays a collection of Answers data in a Table format. I saw in the Glide docs that I should be able to Group my data. But I don’t see the Group By option anywhere. I’ve tried using different column types but I don’t see the option to group any of my data even in my other tables. Can someone help me with this? Am I missing something or is this a premium feature? I’m on the free plan.

My Screen:


EDIT: Looks like Group By is only available by default in mobile apps. Does anyone know if there is a way to do the same behavior in web pages via Glide?

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I don’t believe pages have a ‘group by’ filter.

The docs you are referring to relate to ‘apps’ not ‘pages’?

Apps have inline lists which is where the grouping option appears.

Pages do not have inline lists which is why the ‘group by’ option is not available instead you have collections


@Rosewebstudio Ah thank you. That makes sense. Do you know if there is a way to Group By in Collections/Pages?

My best attempt has been to use multiple collections, but you really need to know the groupings in advance e.g. open, closed, archived.

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