🆕 Glide Pages (Beta)

This looks exciting!
Silly question: is there an easy way to have an app (for mobile use) and a page (for desktop use) and automatically redirect users to the app or the page depending on their device?



This is a great use case, but as of now I don’t think you can do that as the app and the page are separate things on your dashboard. I think what you can do is have a landing page using an external service, then build buttons with visibility based on the user’s device. Let’s say:

If user is on mobile then button links to app.glide.com.
If user is on desktop then button links to desktop.glide.com.

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You could automate it. Just use a bit of javascript that first detects the client device, and then issue a 302 Redirect to send the client to the appropriate URL.


It logs you out when you refresh the browser,

Its not updating automatically, have you refresh it to see new changes made by other user.

There is the few minutes delay to see the changes in Glide App even it’s connected with same sheet and changed are made in glide page.

But you just marked David’s response to this as a solution. Why would you post it again when you got the response?

Paid version still showing
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 11.49.12



Good to know! I will start building Pro Pages once I can remove the Made with Glide branding. Looking forward to it!

I’ve set privacy to required sign in and set users sheet but can’t sign in with an email on the list so tried to None and tried to set a sign in button but it is not shown and I can’t sign in.

What am I missing here? I’m trying to bulid a lead menagment tool for a customer

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The Sign in is super problematic.

It doesn’t make sense that in order to allow access to users you have to add them to the team or alternatively upgrade. there is no way to test the system like this.

I don’t see how glide pages could grow and become hype as glide apps with this approach.

Also, the pricing his too high, I don’t see anyone in IL willing to pay this amount. I really hope you change this and go to price structure similar to apps otherwise I don’t see this working in the IL region,

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@yinon_raviv you or your customer just has to decide: is a Glide Page worth at least $40 per month? If not, that’s fine, then it’s just not for you/your customer. If yes, then just upgrade and you have the sign in functionality you want (e.g. restricted email list).

If they’re not sure yet, you can build a free page and try it! You can even add them to a team in Glide for free private sign-in for that page. This is quite a lot to get you off the ground.


@david you mentioned in another thread that you are aiming for functionality to be added to the ‘Edit in Glide’ badge for Pages, or words to that effect, would that be the same case for apps going forward?

And would that functionality include linking through to the original Pro template in the Store so that prospective customers, in the same industry as the app they have seen and clicked through from, could see the same template available for sale and buy it to get started quickly?

I think that would be quite compelling and drive more sales, as opposed to just landing on the Glide homepage and not really knowing where to start?

@david ,

40$ is a big amount in IL for any SaaS solution but my customer would have paid that but it’s not going to end with this as he will have 90-100 users and he is not willing to pay 180-200 USD for this every month.

Instead of reacting like this I would hope you take our comments into consideration as we all want glide to succeed.

As for adding people to the team this is a big no no, users should not never be able to get to the editing of the app so basically it’s either upgrade or not use and I’m sure this is not what you want.

In the end, it’s your company and you decide, I’m just giving you my 2 cents as a long time user and one of the people which actively promote glide (I gave over 100 lectures on glide in the last 2 years and personally brought glide hundreds of new users as you know)


I’ve already mentioned many times that we’re working on all new pricing that should solve all of your problems! Early next year!

There will be some usage-based factor in the pricing, however. An app with 100 users will cost more than an app with 10, for example. This is because apps that are used more often are more valuable to the customer, and cost more for us to host.

Yes, this is what we want–the free version of Glide is not meant for commercial use. Why would you think we do not want this? If you have customers using the free version of Glide, they should be editors on your team–we think this is a generous compromise.




@david looking forward to see the new pricing structure but as I am currently planning to build at least 6 Pro templates would it be best to hold off until then?

If the Personal version of Glide is not meant for commercial use, will this see the removal of the shopping cart feature?

I’m assuming, given the nature of my Pro templates, that eventual buyers will not necessarily need to upgrade but I feel there could be an opportunity here to monetize Pro templates differently, i.e. once someone buys a Pro template the fee will be recurring each year so they sit somewhere between the free version and the pro version of Glide, with perhaps the split then swinging the other way (70% to Glide, 30% to the author).

Of course a customer should osy, we have no argue on this and we talked about this many times and I was the one pushing you to create the private pricing.

But, there is a difference between either pay or don’t use then creating a pricing that allow users to start and basic features like sign in should not cost as they block development and I don’t think anyone will be willing to pay before having the project ready.

I’ll be waiting for the new pricing and hopefully it will make more sense than now and we can continue promote glide in the Israeli market


logo isnt showing in the wellcome screen

@garrison we aren’t waiting for new pricing to launch an entirely new product, so, no, I don’t recommend waiting to launch your templates :wink:

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Thanks @david, I’m on it!

I realise this is a thread about Pages but the templates I’m planning are more suited as mobile apps so I’m curious about your assertion that personal version of Glide is not meant for commercial use which is confusing as it features the shopping cart element.

Or were you meaning Pages specifically?

On the subject of recurring revenue from Pro apps, I feel if someone is willing to pay for a Pro app specific to their business case then they might be willing to pay for that on an annual basis given that they have shown commercial intent in purchasing the app in the first place.

Often these apps may never require people to upgrade, and with ongoing hosting costs there could be an opportunity for you to cover that cost?