Glide menut and bottom navigation buttons responding slowly

I wonder is this a bug, but there are times when I access a Glide app, the menu and bottom navigation buttons either don’t work, takes longer to respond or require multiple taps to select.

I tried this with a few of my apps and I’m using an iPhone X.

Or could it be my phone?

I have a section in one of my apps that’s slow to open the first time, but I believe that it’s processing the calculations for a few thousand rows. Once everything is cached and loaded, then it’s fine. I’ve done various things to make it more efficient and it’s better, but still lags that first time. If you have a lot of computed columns on a lot of rows, then it does take a little bit of time for the phone to process that information the first time.


Regretably, mine isn’t the case. I have some sample apps with very little rows and the same problem occurs.

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