Very Slow Apps


My apps running too slow.
Estimated 10 secs the screen go in after click.

File size not huge just 355 kb.

I admit there’s a lot of actions in. But why ? Any idea ?

Its need 10 secs when user click to tab

Currently I have 9 tabs and 13 tabs in hamburger menu.


Why +1?

Plus 1 means having the same issue as well we are experiencing lag more today

oh haaahaha

only on mobile, it’s very slow, switching between tabs.

on desktop, it’s ok.

Yes, same .

@SantiagoPerez please update us on whats the status the app is almost useless

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Engineering is still investigating this issue. Thanks for your patience!

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ok thanks. I thought it was the cache issue…

I noticed that using a basic table component, my app is slow on mobile phone switching between tabs.

anyone has experienced this issue?

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Any updates?

Engineering is working on a fix. In the meantime, you can try and reduce the number of computed columns in your app.


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Thanks Santiago! What do you mean by computed columns?

Computed columns are those columns that only exist in Glide. They are “computed” in the sense that their values come from one or more other columns, and are not directly entered.