Glide is displaying data from Sheet that has been deleted

I’m having a weird issue in which I have deleted and replaced the data in my sheet with new updated data but Glide is showing both the deleted data and the new data. I even tried creating the exact same sheet from scratch, giving the tab the same name, using the same column headings and pasting in the new data (so a brand new, clear sheet), then using the “replace” feature under data source to replace the old with the new. It did that just fine, but in the app, when you go to the data it shows all of the new and all of the old, even though the sheet is just the new.

In my non-technical view, I suspect this has something to do with the way in which Glide communicates with Sheets and Glide doesn’t “know” the data has been deleted; it just knows there is new data and it’s adding it. Is there a way to trick Glide or Sheets in to forgetting the data that is no longer there? Any ideas would be appreciated.

The reason I want to do this this way is that I have many glide calculation fields to the right of this data that I want to preserve and not have to recreate (which would be a ton of work).

BTW I’m not currently using Row IDs on the data in question.

It happens that deleted data still appears in the data editor, for instance if you delete a column or table and then create a column or table as a replacement with the same name.

Questions I’d ask myself:

  • Is the deleted data only appearing in the Glide builder (data editor or layout area), or is it also appearing in production in the live app? The former would be annoying but acceptable, the latter would be a problem.

  • Again, app in builder vs. app in production: what happens when you empty your cache memory in the browser related to the Glide builder? Maybe your browser cache saved the data but the deleted data won’t appear in the live app nor even in the builder once the cache is emptied?


Didn’t occur to me it might be a browser cache issue, but seems that was it. I cleared the cache and it resolved itself.

Thank you!

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