Glide has stopped writing spreadsheets

In the application it appears as recorded but when it is restarted it is blank and in the spreadsheet nothing is recorded either. Already cleared the browser cache, already used another browser, already tested via mobile and nothing working.

Go to Conjunto C - Rodoviaria, then Segunda - sexta and edit the note for anything, then restart the app. you will see that nothing was recorded.

Does your account still have write access to the sheet?

Yes because so far little was working normally. This started to happen after I created a new column and made some relationships.

I just realized that only on related items that are not recording, others record normally.

I found out what was giving error, I created lookup column and for that reason was not recording, when I deleted it back to normal, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not

It is still writing the data, even with the lookup column in place. I ran into this issue when I had an ArrayFormula in one of my columns, and @Jeff_Hager pointed out that I needed to delete all the blank rows at the end of the spreadsheet. I’m willing to bet that if you scroll all the way to the end of your sheet, you’ll find the rows that you thought were missing.