All LookUp formulas & and some informations has gone

My app’s URL:

Sheet: Orçamentos


In this same app my formulas (All that columns that contains "Valor..." I use lookup formula) and the informations that I use choice column in glide (all columns that contains "Serviço.."; "Serviço Adicional" ; or "Produto..").

I dont know what to do, 'cause my client has complained every day :sob:

Can you please make a video explaining the problem and showing it to us? Really can’t understand from your description.

@david First in yellhow had a lookup formulas. Gone.

The lookups formula ok, i can do again, but, and the informations in this second yellow field??? They had chose values there, and has gone. :cry:

More Lookup formula. Gone.

When editing a record, do you have any components that are attempting to fill the column where you have the formula? If so, the formula will get overwritten.

@Jeff_Hager i know it, and no. There’s no record that fill this columns.

The values and formulas just had gone.

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Yesterday at 7:27pm Pacific Time somebody deleted that row via the app.

If you are using array formulas in the first data row, then you run the risk of it being deleted. There are several posts in the past about how to handle this. Some people like to build their formula in the header row. I like to use 2 header rows. Either ways prevents a data row with formulas from being manipulated and deleted in the app.

What? The app? I didnt do anything by here, and the client have the access

That’s why im changing a lotta formulas to use directly on Data from Glide

Here is how to apply the formula in the header row.

I use two rows for my head and freeze them both. This allows me to put my headings in row 1 and the formula in row 2.


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