Glide Data table not transferred across App and Pages

I am trying to create a Page from an existent App, by selecting “New Page from Data”. I have selected “use same sheet”. BTW, I am using a Glide Table as source data.
However, the data from the App is not transferred to the Page; I am referring in particular to the key tab, having all the data and calculations.
Why is that?

Can you reproduce this behaviour in another page duplicate? If yes, please submit it to the support team.

In reality, I now have a different issue, possibly related to this, see: Data keep disappearing from the App

Maybe I need to solve that first!

BTW, the issue on the linked APP was solved. But now I have created the PAGE using the same data source (Glide table).

However, the two tables (in APP and PAGE) are now different. In particular, the PAGE has some older rows that I deleted from the APP time ago.
If I try to delete from the PAGE (select row, hit “del”), the row disappears, the line in PAGE disappears. Then, when I go back to the main user page and once again the PAGE, the row re-appears again.

Are there some ongoing issues on Glide backend to ensure seamless syncing across APP and PAGE pointing at the same Glide data table???

Could you make a video of this? Also, send us a support link with said video.

submitted to the support, let’s see what they come with

Hi, I have solved (for now) the issue, by temporarily adding an action on the list to delete a row (in Page), then deleted the “extra” row, and then removed this action button.
In this way it seems that the deletion is permanent.
I’ll keep testing the APP and PAGE to see if they sync without issues.