Glide data editor is only showing 10 rows from my Airtable base

Hello all,

I’m sure there is something basic that I am missing. I appreciate the help.

I have a tab with an inline list which points to an airtable base that has 400+ rows, but in the interface it is showing only 10 rows. I have looked at the options and checked and unchecked the limit number of rows option, etc, but no change. I looked at the visibility section and it looks empty.

To troubleshoot I deleted that tab and started over, but same problem. I pointed it to other bases and had the same issue.

Must be something super simple that I am missing. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.

Chris Robinson

Oh, also… when I look at the base in the data editor, it has only 10 rows. That’s the core, yes?

Oe more data point…

All of my airtable bases are limited to 10 rows in the glideapp data viewer, except for one, which is an airtable base that is synchronized from a different airtable base. Weird, yes?

I have tried removing and adding back my airtable base and also removing the data source (table) and adding it back (by adding the base back), but there is no change.

oh, and for context, I am creating an app to help people understand what trees are native to their area, and how to collect seeds and propagate the trees for donation to local planting organizations.

Where are you at as far as row usage for your entire app?

Good question. I’m beyond the totals by 15 so I tried deleting a table that had 300 rows, but i still had the same problem. The issue is the same with all of the airtable bases, though, independent of when they were added, so this makes me think it might not be linked to the usage… ???

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This is the exact issue I’m dealing with right now. The issue is also present on for choice components, since the table it pulls from is being limited to the top ten records.

So not only are users not able to see their records (unless they are one of the first 10 records in a table), when choosing from a choice component (like US states) they only get the first 10 options.

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Engineering has rolled out a fix. Please, refresh and let us know if they are working.



Still not working on my end. Refreshed and even logged out/back in

There’s also not really any consistency on which tables get limited to 10 rows. Seems to flip-flopping between tables depending on the refresh. I think the issue gets worse when you manually trigger a refresh of the data editor.

Almost like its a caching issue, but Im just speculating now.


Something is better on my side because now I am seeing more than 10 rows. Thank you.

I am now, unfortunately, way over my row limits, so I will have to go back and edit down to see how many of my 400+ records I can pull from.

Thank you.