Glide row limit sometimes appearing as 10 rows


We are experiencing some issues with an app that we are currently developing. Sometimes the record limit appears to be 10 rows when looking in the data tab in Glide. This is not related to the records limit within a collection.

Sometimes a refresh of the page, and then a reload of the data fixes it, but also sometimes it doesn’t.
The records to appear to be present underwater, but they do not show.

Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Codeless Factory

What type of backend are you using for the app? Is it Google Sheets, Glide Tables or something else?

Using Airtable and sometimes glide tables in combination. The 10-row limit issue is on the Airtable rows.

Do you get the same behaviour when you create an Airtable app in a newly created team?

Have you tried opening the builder in other browsers?