Glide control navbar and container

Is there a way to have complete control of the glide page navbar? Like if I want to add some links there or buttons. Is there a way to do that?


Not to my knowledge.


@Robert_Petitto what’s the best way to add a ‘dashboard login’ button with a hyperlink so that users can navigate to the subpage? Are there specific templates with this capability? How do others solve for this?

That looks like it’s just the standard tab menu.
So if you create a new tab called “Dashboard Login”, you’ll get something that looks like that by default.

Make sure you have set the nav bar at the top via Settings->Appearance->Navigation->Position->Top

Hello @Darren_Murphy thanks for the feedback, but what you are saying is exactly what I did.

But my question was, is there a way to put some buttons in the navbar? or some links?

If make your Privacy Settings Public with optional sign-in, you should get a sign-in button in the nav bar.

Short answer is no. You can have links to tabs, sign in buttons, and a link to the user profile. That’s it. No customization beyond that.

We are essentially trying to add two links to tabs, but it seems not to be working…so there might be something that we are not configuring correctly then?

Can you show the tab panel in the upper left corner of the builder? Have you added tabs there? Are they set as visible?

Yp that’s what I was asking if I can have some customization links or buttons?
But if not, what else can I try to make it look like it?

Yp my tabs are visible in the navbar.

Here is the screenshot

On the front end, when a user clicks on “Join as a Dev Hub” there is a subpage that renders with a button which then takes the user to the expected tab. Is this a limitation of Glide app across all templates? Because it is not a great user experience

It looks like your button opens a google docs form. Why wouldn’t you build that form into your page project using a form container on the ‘Join as a Dev Hub’ tab, instead of using a button to take the user outside of the page? That would be a much better experience for the user.

In short, no, you can’t use a “tab click” as a way to open an external link.

I thought that would be nice as a button on your Homepage tab, for example.

@Mugisha_Elvis This can definitely be done. The work around would be to make the real nav bar on the side, then add a container with links or Action Buttons to link to whatever you want. You can then just duplicate or recreate that Container to all of your pages.