Glide Pages. How to add Buttons to Nav Bar?

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Loving Glide. Slick. Beautiful. Modern.

Quick Q. How the heck do you add Buttons (ie; Sign Up/Log In) to the Nav Bar? These are common elements, and really not sure how to do it with Pages?

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Do you mean you want to add a login button to the row of tab buttons at the bottom of the screen? That not possible, but you have some other options.

  • If the side menu is visible then there is an option to sign in that way.
  • You can add a button on any detail screen with the action set to Show Sign In.
  • If you want a tab, you could add a tab with a details layout sourced from the user profile table, or any table really. Add a button with a sign in action. Then set the visibility on the tab to only show if the user profile → email is not the signed in user. Once a user is signed in, then the tab should hide itself.

Thanks Jeff,

Not quite what I meant.

The nav bar that sits at the top of the page (where most users of any site or app) would expect a Log In/Sign Up button to be.

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Ahh, OK. I missed that this was related to Pages.

My knowledge of pages is lacking, so I would have to play with it to confirm, but I wonder if you could do something similar to what I mentioned for apps.

I’ll put this on my to-do list to try it out when I have time.

It looks like you’re already logged in — based on the user photo in the corner. If your page is set to “optional sign in”, you should see a Sign in button in top right when you’re not signed in.


Ah ok. Yes I see that. But how do I link that button to a Sign In screen or Modal? Can’t see how to do it.

Also would it not be sensible to have a Sign Up, or Register button for new Users also?

If you’re in the builder and preview “as anyone”, you should see the Sign in button and can see what page opens when you press it. I don’t know if that can be customized at this time — I think it’s pretty basic.

You should also be able to add a button and assign it a “sign in action”. I don’t know sure, but I think it just opens the same sign in screen.

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Yeah, just this.

Yeah, I believe so.