Putting company logo on nav bar and sign in page

Hi there,

I cant work out how to put my company Logo in the nav bar of a page, at the moment it just says the page name in plain font.

I would also like to put our logo on the sign up page as well.

Many thanks

for the Sign in page go to settings and click the sign-in screen option…

to put the image in the top bar… use this code:

Ah thank you very much. For the sign in, these are the only options Ive got:

As you can see, I’m using Page for this app - I only want to replace the top left Page Name with a logo, not the whole nav bar. Any ideas?

Sorry, noob question - where do you put the CSS code?

Pages don’t have as many options for customizing the sign in screen and you can’t use CSS in Pages. You would have to use Glide Apps instead of you wanted those options.

Pages are new, so it’s possible that Glide will allow more customization in the future, but I don’t know if or when that will happen.

Also, be mindful that the use of CSS is not officially supported by glide, even though it is possible to use it in apps. The use of CSS can potentially break at any time. Some changes in the upcoming weeks will possibly break existing CSS, but preliminary testing shows that in many cases it will still work if you use stable class names.


Thanks for the reply Jeff.

This seems a bit crazy, surely this would be an easy feature to add no?

I have seen people putting their logo on pages so I know its possible. Any ideas?

I’m not sure what’s involved to add new features. Sometimes things sound easy on paper, but are much more involved, on the development side, than you think. I’m sure glide also has a priority list of things they need to work on, and it’s just a matter of where the priority fits in, compared to other features and fixes they are working on.

Regardless, Glide’s primary focus is what they call dark apps. App’s that are focused on internal use. So, I think they focus more on presenting data instead of allowing full customization of the UI. Their goal is to keep things simple instead of overwhelming a user with options. However, they have been spending much of their time, recently, making major code revisions to the underlying code, which I think will make it easier in the long run for them to begin working on making things easier for us users to build functionality, and possibly allow them to open up a wider range of customization. It remains to be seen what they come up with in the future.

Do you have an example of an existing Glide Page that has a logo in the nav bar? Maybe there is a feature that already exists. Mind you, I haven’t really done much with Pages yet (only apps), so I’m not fully familiar with all of the available options in pages. However, there are a lot of tricks you can do with existing components that may work for you.

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Agreed, the simplicity is great but we’re here to push the boundaries of the technology that we have.

Check this video, Connor seems to have been able to add his logo:

Will :point_down:

Not possible at the moment as far as I’m aware!

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:point_up_2: Yep, just noticed that option.

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Thanks Dilon. The logo is tiny on the page but I guess theres no way to resize it?

Your Welcome!

Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware not possible at the moment.