Glide cannot sync with your Google Sheet

I wouldn’t have guessed this either! That button makes me (also) so nervous, that I would actually suggest anyone reading this also do some test cases on a copy or two before pulling trigger on a complex app. Even though I’m confident in my discovery, the thought of others pressing that dang button still makes me uneasy - haha.

Also I was struggling trying to imagine what the wording on that pop-up should be, but you’re absolutely :100: right - pressing the sync button should just attempt the sync, clear the error if the sync is successful, and then only pop-up the warning if a problem remains. Yessssss.


Just went through the sync. issue today, after messing around with columns headers.
After restoring the column header, still getting the error message but pressing the red button fixed the issue.

Thanks for pointing the solution of this!!!

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