Cannot remove Array column, sync not working

I had 2 columns Address1 and Address2. With addition of array feature it combined them into one. Since then, I cannot sync the sheet. I renamed the first Column to Office Address on Google sheets but the Glide sheet still shows the array. I added a new column on the Google sheet and it does not show on the Glide sheet. I get the infamous “Glide cannot sync with your Google Sheet” error when I force the sync. It says that ALL the columns are missing. I copied everything to a new app and everything works well. Would just start using that except I have a pro version with over 12,000 lines and there are already several users on the original app. Suggestions? ANY help would be appreciated.

You can try changing the Pro subscription to the new app if it’s working well, alongside any domains that you may have configured for the old app.

Regarding the column problems, since you have over 12000 lines, I think it’s a syncing issue. Personally I have never reached that number, maybe @Lucas_Pires can chime in here.

You can also try to email with your support link.

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I guess you’re trying to sync once you’re already using this array in other columns, aren’t you?

I was not using the array. I was using separate column headings that ending in “1” and “2” before the last Glide update and then Glide combined them into the array. I could not access the array on the app… If I attempted to add a new item, the original 2 address fields were available to add but not the array. I then changed one of the column names and added a new column but the newly named column and the new column did not sync with the app.

Fortunately I only had a few users (so far but will be adding many more in the next few days) so I copied the app. The new copy worked correctly. I then transferred my upgrade to the new app and contacted all the current users and gave them the new link. Would have been a nightmare in a few days to have to contact way way more people. Didn’t fix the original problem but found a usable solution.

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