Some of the Glide column data not showing up after making changes in Google sheets

Column A contains static data, while all other columns contain array formulas that reference the data in Column A. Initially, when creating a Glide app, all the data loads correctly. However, if I add more data in Google Spreadsheets, it syncs properly to Glide. The issue arises when I delete the data in Column A and replace it with new or the same data. At that point, all the columns except for A and B stop syncing. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this problem for a couple of days now. If you have any knowledge of how to resolve this issue, please help.

I have observed that if I replace the formula-calculated data with static data, the information appears correctly in Glide. Additionally, Column “Price” also contains a formula that displays data in Glide without any issues. Therefore, it seems unlikely that the issue is related to the formulas.
Here is the link to the spraedsheet: TrendMaster 1.2 - Google Sheets

Can you explain why you use this approach, and does the arrayformula contain the column header?