Help ! Data in Sheets not displaying in Glide Data

Hi, I was updating my directory app yesterday and suddenly started getting issues with my data.

The first thing I noticed was that the 1st row ( my headings ) disappeared. I pasted them back in and then I noticed some of the data in my Google Sheet wasn’t appearing in the Data section of Glide. I restored a previous version of the spreadsheet which didn’t seem to help. It seems I lost a Relation column somehow - it showed the Relation column in the Data section of Glide but then I couldn’t see it in the dropdown list for Properties. It showed all the Category tabs I have ( 23 ) but didn’t show the Relation option.

I tried copying my app, deleting all the company listing data and uploading a backup data sheet and now there’s even less data showing in the Data section of Glide.

I’m really not sure what’s going on. Happy to provide copy of Sheet in DM.


You can send me some screenshots in personal message. I’ll try to have a look.

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Is the sheet built from a formula? Headings created dynamically from a formula can sometimes confuse glide since they can disappear when the formula is running in google sheets and if glide is syncing the data at that time, then it can cause issues.

Also, it sounds like you might be confusing relations and arrays. They have the same icon in the data editor, but are quite different.

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No, the sheet isn’t built from a formula - just regular Excel CSV work gathering data.

Regarding arrays and relations, I haven’t really been making any assumptions - just working off the video tutorials. I have 23 Category columns but that’s only because I couldn’t get the app to work with multiple Categories in one cell so I had to space them out as I was adding more and more data. These 23 columns are then compared to a list of 37 Categories ( on another sheet ) to provide the Relation which is then displayed in the company listing page as well as the Category page.

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You can have a single comma-separated categories column, then use a split text to split them to an array.

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