Glide builder Play Mode issue

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Describe the bug:
I can no longer see a detail screen (triggered by a custom action) while using Glide’s Play Mode (Chrome browser). However, the action works for app users on a mobile device (tested as user on my Pixel). I’m assuming this is a bug on the Glide app builder side because it does not affect app users/usage. This worked last week and the custom action has not changed.

Expected behavior:
Show detail screen (triggered by custom action) when an item is selected in Play Mode. The app screen has an inline list (tile style) with a Google table as the source . When a list item is selected, a custom action evaluates an If-Then-Else column to set the owner: if isSelected is “false”> Set column value: ParentID-Selected=*Parent ID) > Show Detail Screen for this item; else Show Detail Screen. Nothing happens when I select list items using Play Mode in the Glide builder.

How to replicate:
The same behavior occurs in the Shopping Cart Concept app that I used as a model for building my app.

I’m also experiencing the same problem.
Additionally the delete row action when used in a custom action has stopped working both in the player and within the builder.

@NebraskaPF I have created a support ticket for this issue under the same email you use here on the forum and sent an email for some additional information. Once I reproduce it I will send it along to engineering.

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