🔌 Glide API: Connect any platform to your Glide App!

I can confirm that it’s on a Pro App. I see the API usage meter when I click on Pro in the top right.

Tried again this morning but no luck. I’ll submit a ticket

@Robert_Petitto great stuff. Super educational

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Hi Darren,

I see in your example “get all rows”. That is missing from my API set in my PRO app.

How about even “Get Row”. If something changes in Glide, how can I keep an external database up to date? Without “Get Row”, seems that “UPDATE” could do major damage in a sync attempt.

This is now branded “query tables” and it’s only available for enterprise level apps, which is why I didn’t cover it in the video.

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Sometimes it seems Glide is biting off their leg to spite their foot. Not everyone who needs advanced features is an Enterprise corporation.

edit I would think “GET ROW” would not even be considered “advanced”. Any add/update/delete scenario requires a “get” first.

I think it comes down to cost on Glide’s end. Certain functions, and especially moving data (or lots of it), has operational costs that we don’t see. I think at a certain point glide starts to lose money, even on paid pro plans. Advanced features that are data and processing intense will cost more. It’s just that glide can only absorb so much of that cost and offer limited functionality at no additional cost to the user.



You are exposing part of your token here.

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Great video @darren! :fire:

Btw, I love ClickUp and use it in my personal projects and at Lution management :blush:

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Ooops. That’s a screengrab from that other video by Darren. I deleted that from my post, but perhaps Darren needs to blur his video also.

I don’t have “get all rows” in my API because I only have a “pro” plan. Any chance of Glide reconsidering that? I’d only need “get row” to update a row, not “get all rows”.

Shouldn’t you be able to update a row with the set-column-in-rows action?

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Yes, but if the columns have been changed on the Glide side, I would want to get the columns for that row so that I know if changes were made and can prevent over-writing changes.

I am going to be accessing these API’s in apps that I wrote vs. third party tools.

Great explanation!
But watching it I think: in other cases, how do I find out what to copy where? There is layman’s work to be done in the UI’s :wink:

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Does the “Table mutation API” limit resets each month?
If not how to increase it? :thinking:

Yes. It resets each month. Glide will soon give you a way (I think) to pay for more usage within a month if you need it.


@Robert_Petitto, thank you for your excellent video.

My pleasure!

…so only Enterprise ca make read from an external app the data ?
I mean , i rephrase , can i read ex. an audio file externally from an app using the Api ?

No that’s not related to what he said. Robert meant you can only add a new row, change existing rows or delete a row in non-enterprise levels. Grabbing multiple rows using a query (GET) is only available on enterprise.

Thanks, @ThinhDinh for the backup!

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Its a new field for me so there are many concepts to assimilate.