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Reinventing yourself is necessary to move forward.

That’s why friends, I’m introducing you to Lution, which reinvented itself to have a new vision of the world, a new identity everywhere, especially on the website (now having the option in English and Spanish), maintaining the same quality of always in services.

Since then, we want to invite all of you to appreciate the result of our change and reinvent yourself with Lution, contacting us through the website, to bring a new technology to your life.

:point_right:t3: Lution - Home

NOTE: We would be grateful to receive feedback from everyone.

Special thanks: to @Mauricio_Paz who had develop this amazing work and also translated the Spanish Page, @Robert_Petitto who helped me with the English page & all my marketing team who helped me and did a superb job in this rebrand!

Old AppLution



On my smartphone, I see 2 footers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very beautiful.
Footer: me2.For me Android. Only the last one is clickable.

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Thanks @nathanaelb @jabid, gonna check that!

Looks damn great but I expect that considering your standards bro :wink: Great work.


Congrats @Lucas_Pires! Looks amazing!

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Parabens @Lucas_Pires !
I’m moving to Sampa at the end of this month, let’s meetup in the new year.

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Good on ya Lucas :+1:

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Great work brother! Keep growing :100:

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Hi, Lucas Bravo for Lution :star_struck::purple_heart::blue_heart:

  1. love the “freezbee-candy-like” logo that opens to fly out its high-tech secret wings/satellites! The L inside, the U outside, the T maybe down under/upside down?
    Even if the “corporate-blue” is not my color: very corporate & not creative as purple & other nuances, IMHO.

  2. love the elevator-anchor-links, except that whether from laptop or smartphone (both huge screens), the anchor lands with either the 1st title or the bottom one cut. I thought it was rather tailored for desks, but, there’s a lot a blank between the titles, and maybe not that pleasant to see the 2nd title cut (happens > 3/4 times or succeeds only in 1/4 cases)
    From smartphone, as it’s not an app, I’m not supposed to open the link full screen nor install it. How am I supposed to open the link for the display and anchors to be perfect?

  3. English version: the button says “Enviar” instead of “Send”?

  4. English version (maybe same for others) when I click on Home, it jumps to the Spanish? Home, not the English one

  5. I’m not sure the rating stars use the same blue palette than the logo (or only the darkest ones, but without the highlight as in the logo, it changes the look & feel), is it deliberate? I’m not sure the icon belongs to the same collection/design either.

  6. Not fan of the bubble and the starred doc icons: I don’t think they match with the buttons.

  7. the feedback section looks somehow “gloomy”, maybe because of the people’s avatar. Maybe alternate the card background or create some kind of rythm: they almost look like forms to fill in instead of satisfaction feedbacks. And the contact form itself suddently looks very formal & IT: we lost all the look & feel of Lution, as if you insist too much on the CTA (ie YOUR advantage, not your customers’) and it’s too obvious who is more interested/needy in the relationship to keep the charm of the experience till that moment.

  8. The “burger-storeys” menu for mobile UI is cool (a bit surprised to see the menu slide from the left when the burger is on the right), and I regret the slide does not reprise the look and feel of the freezbee or have some smoothed corners, or translucid, etc.
    And I’d rather see a :heavy_plus_sign: bottom centered button (as in XD and Figma) instead. Maybe with the logo as background for the button icon. Making it look like a wonderbelt with Magic Button. Or separate some items in the menu, and the others in the :heavy_plus_sign: button. I think the language should be a status shown (like EN/ES) and that can trigger a change without searching in a menu at the same time in one single icon/abbreviated text on top right next to the menu. And the + button to more CTA frequent actions, cool stuffs.

These are my personal 1st impressions, I have not seen the former Lution. I like the promise of smoothness, so a bit surprised it’s not till the CTA: I may wonder if Lution goes through the job till the end, and not only after the initial Acquisition in the funnel…

Thks for the inspirational sharing. Good Luck, Lucas & Enjoy your Lution :cherry_blossom:
I’m using a smartphone 5"5 and a ChromeBook 17"3 and a W10 desktop 21/9 screen

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