Applution - Agency Portfolio 📱

Applution :sparkles:

See below this amazing updated!

:tada: New Features

  • :page_with_curl: Complete Portfolios

    • Logos
    • Designs
    • Apps
  • :handshake: Consultancy Support

    • Productivity
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Customer Experience
  • :brazil: :us: One-Click Translation

    • Simply translate the app by clicking in a floating button in Home screen!

After just over 1 year working with this, the objectives were set even clearer, and to achieve them, our team needs to grow even more.

For this, I want to introduce you to the Developer view and with it, Open Vacancies to join us!

  • :desktop_computer: Developer Profile
    • Profile View
    • Apply to Open Vacancies
    • Request an app quote for buy a template.

Test it now :point_down:

If one day you are asked if Glide and / or the no-code world is worth it. Show them that. You are certainly on the right path! I just have to thank this incredible platform and this amazing team :heart:


Looks damn great, as always!

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What a beauty :clap: super clean design. Assume lots of custom CSS. I always get worried about using CSS in case it breaks, but that’s just me :wink:

One thing I noticed (sorry)

Should be ‘Applications’? Not ‘Aplications’ perhaps it’s the translator?


This is simply amazing design. Great work!

Only one thing I noticed, when I change the language to English, your bio page still shows non-english language.


Thanks @Rosewebstudio and @Pratik_Shah
Some things miss by my eyes lol gonna change them


Fixed @Rosewebstudio @Pratik_Shah




Dark mode is something choisable for the users?

No, it’s matching by user’s device theme actually.

Glide > Settings > Appearance > :ballot_box_with_check: Match device’s theme



Great Job
Can you explain how you did the translation please.

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Thanks @adiboo_adib!
Basically I create a boolean column (true/false) and create a lot other columns If Then Else to change when this boolean column is activate

Good idea, can you please give me only one exemple?

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And for Boolean column?

Actually, I’m using a text column and just setting a Unique ID for it, but works in the same way

I only set to be English when this column is not empty as the screenshot above


I did that first


Then i create a virtual column IF Then Else

Right ??

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Did you change your Title FR column from ‘Text’ to ‘Boolean’ in your last screenshot???

Otherwise, you IF looks good, but I would instead change to check if ‘En/FR’ ‘is not’ ‘true’. A boolean will normally only be empty until you set it the first time or clear it. Otherwise it will be ‘false’ or ‘true’, but never empty again. Whenever you check a boolean column, I always recommend to check ‘is’ ‘true’ or ‘is not’ ‘true’. That way, it will always consider ‘empty’ and ‘false’ as the same.

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No it’s a simply text column

ok. I was only asking because your second screenshot shows the ‘Title FR’ column as a boolean column and it’s returning ‘false’, which doesn’t match your first screenshot. It just looked odd to me.