Lution: Transforming your business

Hey guys! Happy to see you all here again :wave:

Quick intro

If you don’t know me yet, that means I’ve been a little absent here! :smile:

My name is Lucas Pires, I’m one of the Experts here at Glide, and I’ve been developing and exploring this tool since the beginning. Do you want to get to know me even more? Let’s go!

If you already know me - or you are just getting to know me - you know that I love design since always, and I have always explored it a lot since I resigned from the hotel I used to work at and quit my job to dedicate myself to the world of technology and how I could help companies differentiate themselves in the market.

➜ See some of my work with Glide.

What is Lution?

More than 3 years ago I had a dream of achieving freedom and efficiency through technology, and having more time to focus on the essentials in my life.

After years of attempts and challenges, I finally managed to acquire knowledge, develop tools and innovative solutions that would make this dream come true.

Today my life mission is to be part of the history of other dreamers who share the same goal.

I get it, but why are you telling me all this?

Good question! And in fact it is simply an invitation.

I have carried a Japanese philosophy with me for more than 8 years. I recently tattooed in my neck the same term because it became even clearer to me. Not only for me, but also in everything I do.

In Japanese, Kaizen means continuous improvement. It is the act of including consistent improvements in everyday life capable of accomplishing a single goal: to make you better today than you were yesterday.

Since everything is constantly changing, the purpose of my company, after years, is much clearer.

With a clear purpose comes a new face.

I want to introduce to you… the new Lution.


Click in the image to see


wow… Excellent! HTML and CSS on the top level!!!

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Thank you @Uzo!

Got it right! :smile: :rocket:

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I have loved your work since I got here… years of good work… you good!

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It’s a nice css job, design do you use the Bussines version on your page to achieve these css effects or can they also be used in other plans??? in pages!

Second person who asks me if this is a Glide Page but no, it’s not :joy:

@Uzo get it right here


I do understand why they asking you… I have the same problem… :wink: All my apps here are based on Glide Apps… a free plan, and I kick the hell out of HTML and CSS to improve them to the point nobody believes it is Glide… and if is Glide It can’t be a free plan… but Your work is way more advanced what I can do with HTML and CSS… again… You Good!

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Welcome back @Lucas_Pires

Glad to see you busy and improving your ideas!


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Muchas gracias @gvalero!!