Getting records from one sheet to another sheet

Hello team,

I have a spreadsheet with two sheets as below.
First sheet name : Bill

Second sheet name : Discount

I have added “Row owner” both sheets in glide table.

I want to get “discount column” records from discount sheet to add bill sheet’s discount column.
I am preparing bills based on 2022.01 see “month” column in bill sheets. therefore I need only discount records from discount sheet with 2022.01. There is one record 2022.02, I don’t need it.

Please help me on this.

Roshan Abrew

It might be quicker inputting the data by hand.

But if you want to automate and pull the data, I think you could for instance:

  • Bill table: Create template column, “SupplierID Month”
  • Discount table: Create template column, “SupplierID Month”
  • Bill table: Create single relation column between two columns above

Thank you!.. I used single relation method as per your instructions, it was worked well…