Get PIN Issues On Various Devices

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Some of my users are experiencing freezing issues on the “Get PIN” screen. Yesterday, iOS users were experiencing issues too, but that seems to be resolved mostly. This afternoon, the problem seems to now be isolated to Samsung Android users. I checked the Sheetbase Add On executions in my Scripts Dashboard, and there are several functions that have failed within the past couple days.

I did a quick test with another password protected app with several Samsung users, and they continued to get stuck on the “Sign In” screen. I’ll attach some screenshots of device info for those experiencing issues & examples of the frozen sign-in.

@Mark, a while back, we spoke about clearing out the logins tab frequently. I set up a script to do that, and it’s been working fine— should I use a different method now that Glide has changed quite a bit over the past few months?

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I’ve encountered similar issues.

1 Like Have you been able to find a trend?? I feel like it’s mostly Android devices tonight. after iOS 13.1.2 update was released, it was mostly iPhone users— but after they cleared their website data/history & restarted their devices, it worked again.

No, we haven’t done anything about the sign-in sheet yet. Sorry about that.

Should I keep using that script to clear out logins? Also, for some odd reason, this solution has fixed the frozen Get PIN screen for mostly everyone: connecting to WiFi :woman_facepalming:t2: :joy:Anywho, all is well now! But let me know if I need to adjust/modify that script that clears the Glide: Logins Tab everyday.

Please keep the script running.

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