💎 Gamify Glide Apps (Updated 2022-11-28 - Episode 11: Craft Items)

@Jeff_Hager Check this out!!!


Now we need to rebrand this method…we’re not slinging anything anywhere anymore…we’re comparing unique values…thoughts?


Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 1.18.47 PM
Seeing this and being like:


Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

It’s still trebucheting that joined list somewhere else if you choose, so I think the name still applies. :wink:

Again, this probably doesn’t work as well if you aren’t working directly with the list…but as I think about it more, I image if you had a choice component and a button, you could probably use a set column through a single relation to clear or set the UUID.

I also have an idea to use this same method for a shopping cart style app that would work with selections as well as quantities. It would need some additional actions to wipe out the quantity when the UUID changes on the item, but I think it could work quite well. I just haven’t sat down to create a sample app yet.


Hi Robert I keep getting an error when trying to use the chart method from the second episode.

Quickchart will return this error when your chart isn’t properly defined. Debugging this can be difficult, but what I usually do:

  • Use the sandbox to ensure you have the chart defined correctly
  • reduce the amount of data in the chart to just a couple of data points
  • display the chart using a rich text component. This will expose the generated URL, which you can then paste into a browser window for further debugging

You might need to watch the next episode (2.1) to fix.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for this wonderful Reboot Series! I’m stuck with an issue involving the progress display. Some of the profile images won’t show up with a transparent background. I ran some test by replacing “transparent” by “black” and “white”. Some pictures only show when on those backgrounds.

Is there a way to fix this? Tell me if you need to see anything in the data.

Thank you so much for your time!

Hm. Transparent is a bit spotty, ya. Might just need to go with White.

Do you have an estimated time for the next episode?, this series is so great, thanks for sharing.

I’ve been slammed with client work these past couple months. I hope to at least finish up the Boss Battle series by the end of the month.

Episode 7: Boss Battles—Part 3!

  • Logic to retreat if all members perish
  • Logic to remove party members that are defeated

Episode 8: Inventory Item Admin Approval

  • Allow users to “use” items
  • View and approve items used as an admin

Episode 9: Earn, Award and Display Badges

  • Allow users to see a list of possible badges
  • Allow users to claim badges that they’ve earned
  • Allow admins to manually award badges to users

Episode 10: Item Packs

:point_right: Purchase and open a random set of items
:point_right: Determine rarity and probability of items
:point_right: Hide items until users open them


Hey Rob, amazing videos as usual. I tried to copy the profile section perfectly but ran into 1 bug. Upon submitting their onboarding information, the profile picture is an error code. Its fixed by completely exiting/closing the app and reopening it. Is there a way to fix this or force the app to reload upon hitting submit? pictures included

Episode 11: Craft Items

In this video, learn how to add a new layer of gamification—crafting items! Just like Minecraft, allow users to create new items from materials in their inventory! :pick:

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