What are good practices for new user onboarding / training?

Hi! I have been working on a relatively sophisticated app (vork.me - still work in progress). The app is about networking. People join the app, then join networks. Once in a network they can see other members. So far, so normal. But then the excitement comes when they can swipe ‘cards’ (like Tinder… but not dating!!). Users can create their own cards too, and there is a space for them to keep track of cards they create, things they swipe on, and work more continuously on cards they have pinned. There is also a chat area (sort of works, ish). And maybe over time a geolocation map.

OK, so far, so easy!

The thing I am now figuring out is how to show users the app functionality in the best way in Glide. Some apps have an overlay when you first use an app, a step by step guide to a screen with arrows or popups explaining to the user how things work.

I have been looking to see if there are templates that can be used (just like I borrowed and now love Loom from a suggestion in here).

And if there is no service or add-on, any tips or good practices that people have come across for Glide apps?

Thanks! Mark

Just playing around with https://www.usetiful.com/ (but only for 2 mins… I will have to see if it actually can play in Glide-world

And reference sites like 10 Apps with the Best User Onboarding Flows 2021 | UXCam are handy to work out the initial user set up too.


Hi Mark ! Thanks for the links.
So, did you find a solution to have an onboarding screen only after the first login of a user into a Glide app ? I want to do the same but don’t know how to make it with Glide …

You can watch this video.

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