Gain Access Button is going to Properties Screen instead of Component Screen


I am trying to figure out why my Gain Access button is going to a properties screen instead of straight to the component screen.How can I get rid of the properties screen?

I have attached the screenshot of where it is going and will attache how it is setup in the features tab below.

Which mode are you in?



Yes ‘Play Mode’, or yes ‘Select Mode’???

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Play mode

What do you mean by the “Gain Access” button?

The Gain Access Button from the Insiders Pro Template App.

Play mode

Can you have a video of your “bug” in action?

I can’t upload the video. That is not an option for me. Only pics I am able to upload.

You can upload them to an external service like Streamable and share the link here.


So what do you expect to see after you press that button? If you’re referring to components where you can add what you want, that is a details screen.

I want it to go straight to the component screen where I have set up the page to subscribe to the premium features as it does in the Insiders Pro App. There, it does not go to the properties it goes to the components screen.

If you’re using a button to link to a “Sheet” it won’t keep the format you did.

I assume you created a tab with the sheet in question and you want to keep the format you did but the button doesn’t work like that.

It will only keep the format when you drill down to each row’s display, if I recall right.

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I’m confused. I did already complete the sheet I’m trying to get to in the components tab, but I can only get there from the properties screen. It’s like the properties screen is in the middle between when I press the button and the components screen. I am just trying to eliminate it the properties screen.

Did you setup the “Unlock Screen” tab as a details layout and now you want to access it via the button?

Yes. The same way it is in the Insiders Pro App Template.

I’m not sure about the template as I have never seen it, but things work as I said here.