Full storage problem

Google sheet shows that my storage is full, but actually it is not full. I purchased 12$ glide plan and it worked.

  1. I want to know was it because I reached storage limit, row limit or anything else.

  2. Please explain how row limit is being calculated, should I sum up the rows of all sheets or how?

  3. Please explain what does “sheet updates” mean.

Thank you!

Did Google say your storage was full, or did Glide say that? I’m assuming you meant that it said that in glide instead of the Google sheet.

  1. Which limit was exceeded? You can see your usage by clicking the usage button at the top right of the screen. We can’t tell you which one without seeing a screenshot if that usage.

  2. Again, it’s hard to say which limit was exceeded, but as far as row count…any sheet that’s used by the app will have it’s rows counted. Any sheets that are not used by the app in ANY way, will not have those rows counted.

  3. Sheet edits is every time the app makes a data change and glide has to sync it to the connected google sheet. Every time that happens, it’s counted as a sheet edit. The same is counted if it has to sync changes that were made directly in the google sheet back to glide.

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