From v1 to v2: not politically-correct question

Hi, @david @mark @JackVaughan , I like Glide very much for the ability it gave me to move from Idea to a v1 Reality, while I have 0 code knowledge.

While some app may live forever under Glide, it is not the case for all: after MVP/v1? the latest will need more sophisticated features & UX (ex. workflows), additional tech (ex. AI) etc.
Therefore, it becomes necessary to move to a more complex solution than Glide (either a -like or real code).

How do we migrate the data collected in this MVP/v1 stage?

This is a fundamental question which clearly conditions whether or not starting any MVP/v1 with Glide or not.
Thanks in advance

Hi @David_D @Mark @JackVaughan, sorry to insist about the question above, but being blind about my ability to (maybe one day) migrate User Specific data to another platform, is preventing me from proposing one of my app to clients.
Without this, I would be obliged to start as of MVP/v1 with an other platform, which is not my prefered option at all

You will be able to export your user-specific data soon. You own your app’s data.