Considerations when converting Glide App POC to GA

Hi Glide Community – Hoping that someone can point me to docs/best practices/rules-of-thumb as I look to take my Glide apps/skills to the next level. Up to now, I’ve created about 10 Glide apps, each nothing more than a POC. I am on the free plan and have only used Sheets for the backend. Apologies if this is already out there, but I’m slightly lost on how to move forward and I’m looking for pointers/suggestions with any of the following:

  1. Most of my POCs are CLASSIC apps. Should I convert them to the newer “Pages format”? Are there any related considerations?
  2. A couple of my POCs are 100% read-only. (In other words, there is no UI in the app to update the backend.) Other POCs collect data on a per-user basis. Still others are intended to aggregate data across users. For each use-case, what are the “rollout/deployment considerations”, particularly as they relate to the Privacy settings in Glide?
  3. Aside from scalability, what are the pro’s and con’s of using Sheets versus the other supported backends?
  4. How are updates to my apps (bug fixes and new features) best deployed in each of the above scenarios? Would my users have to “re-download”? Are the public URLs to my apps unchanged?
  5. Do I need to look at other tiers (beyond the Free plan) to enable/simplify any of the above?

Thank you!

You should, since Classic Apps will be sunset in the near future.

I’m not entirely sure I get the full idea of this question, but bottom line is that for the best privacy practice, users should only be able to download data they “own”.

Pros: You may have already had your data in the Sheets and don’t want to move them to Glide Tables, since you might be running scripts or automation that tie to the Sheet.

Cons: I think most of the calculations done on the Sheet can be done on Glide Tables using computed columns, and results in a better app in overall, when we talk about performance.

Re-download would not be needed. You can use publishing control to deploy new features/fix bugs, test in the builder, then publish when needed.

Depends on how much you want to scale.