Form in left Menu?

Is it possible to access a form I have in one area of an app from the menu dropdown on the left nav?

Hi @frenat :wave:

  • On the left hand side in the app builder, the 2nd icon is called “Tabs”. Go there.
  • Drag the tab that contains the form component to the “Menu” section.

Maybe I’m doing this wrong… I’m using the “Form Button” to get user data into a form, but I’m not sure how to activate that same form from that left menu. Right now, the left menu basically goes to a landing page, and then the form button. Is there a cleaner way to do this?

In the left hand side hamburger menu, you can add tabs (or screens). On these screens, you can add a form via the “Form Button” component as you seem to have done it. This flow does indeed require 3 taps from the user (menu, tab, form button).

I don’t think it is possible to trigger the “Form Button” component directly from the hamburger menu.

Nathanael is correct, as of now you don’t have a way to trigger an action via a tab “click”. Your best bet of a good interface is to design a big image with a fake button to cover the whole tab, triggering the user to press that specific fake button.

Link the image to an open form action, and you’ll get what I described.

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