Form fields are not capturing required data

Hi everyone,
i have form to add user in that all the fields are required, but still in the glide table values are missing, you can check in the screenshots below

In the 3rd screenshot, what table are you showing? Is it Helper Table or Credit Points?

Can you also explain why you need to have 2 further add row actions in what seemingly is an on-submit action?

3rd screenshot is the accounts table, when admin adds another user the details of user should get added to the accounts table, (accounts)this is the table for user login, credits and helper table are the table to calculate the credits of each user based on their performance. if newly added user is learner the email of that newly added user should also get added in the credits and helper table to calculate their scores

Is the Accounts table also happen to be your User Profiles table? Any chance those “empty” rows are people that sign in but don’t have a place to fill their details, or haven’t done so?

Yes, Accounts table is the user profiles table, No the scenario is signed in users are adding other users to the accounts table through add user form, but only email is getting recorded in accounts table whereas it should record name, role, disability type, and contact number as well, because all the fields are required in the add user form

Or else, what will be your way of saving the data to 3 tables at a time, here all the details like name, role, contact number, disability type and email should get saved in accounts table and only the email should get recorded in accounts table, Credits Points table and Helper table also

What’s your privacy settings? Any chance a user can sign in even though they have not been added to the Accounts table?

No, Person will be able to sign in Only if he has added to accounts table

Then that’s weird. If you can reproduce that I would file a support ticket. Please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.