Form button

When I use a Form Button it always create me a new line. Is there a way to use a form button for a specific line.
I want to use a form button to add photo in an event. The only way is to use edit pen but a button will be better…
Someone have an idea?
Mine is that glide could create a new component Edit Button.


Feel free to submit a request for this feature

Feature request app

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If you want to add one photo for an event, you can have a image picker and then point it to the specific column where you store the image for that event.

No I want more to view photos on the page and a button to add more photos (10).

Have you built the Instagram app from scratch? It might give you good ideas to achieve your functionality:

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Use the form button, but write to a new sheet the image as well as and info from the detail record you are viewing. Then from the sheet where you want to display the images, create a relation to link that item to the new pictures sheet, following by a lookup column to get an array of all matching photos for that item. you can use this array on an image component to create a carousel of images.

Thank to you. I did that yesterday by using the unique key value. :wink:.
But an edit Button could be easier, more intuitive.

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