Glide app question

Hello, I’ve been using glide app for some time now to create an application that will serve as a social network for artists and I was wondering if it was possible to create a photo carousel in the image picker section so that artists can post a continuation of photo in a neck of themselves.
Thank you for your answers and your time.

Sure. Just add a form button somewhere with an image picker that will write the artist name and image url to a sheet.

On the artists sheet, create a relation column to link the artist name in the artist sheet to the study name in the images sheet.

Create a lookup column to get an array of image urls from the image sheet.

From the artist details page, add an image component and point it to the lookup column.

It will be a carousel of images.

hello Jeff_Hager,
Thank you for this quick response.
However, I’m new to glide app and didn’t quite understand what you said haha.
Here is the link of a copy of our application, if it tells you to take a quick look and see if you can re-explain to me how to allow the artist to make a photo carousel in the possibility of posting news .
Thank you again for the time you devote to me

Can you publish your app and share the published url? The url you provided is for the Glide documentation. In the meantime, here is some reading material.

For the carousel, I’m proposing a different approach. Not an array of column’s, like the documentation shows, but the Lookup column will contain the array from the related rows. I’ll include the documentation anyway.

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Thank you for your response and time, I managed to do it on our application. Unfortunately I cannot publicize our app because it is a project that we are going to launch and we do not want it to be resumed before we launch it. Our application will be released definitively in 3 days, I will send you the link to download it at this time if you want to take a look.
Thanks again and have a nice day

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