Display images in different columns


If I have three columns of images, I can display any of the column, eg Column 1…how do I setup to display the next two columns and move back and forth using the “bar button”.

Suggestions please.

Thank you.

Three image components and three button(bar)s and a coumn “show image” default value 1.

With 1 show the first button and image component.
Button changes the show image value to 2 for example. The secound image and button shows up…

But take a look in the documentation I have seen a carusell functionality is build in when you have a array column…

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thanks @Jacktools_Net
the following ideas may suit my APP

  1. carousel
  2. button bar with " Next" and “Prev”

Since I am using links instead of image picker (to save space), I think option 2 would be workable. However, still unsure how to setup.

I think the carousel works with links too. I would try this first.

Even if you use the image picker glide puts a link in the sheet.

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Is there a specific reason you don’t want to use the carousel?

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Have not tried yet…will do so.

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I am using glide table and have tried having two images together in a row…

  1. first using the column as image and use image picker … i do not get a third column where the two images are combined

  2. second using column as a link … still do not get a third column of combined images.
    here is image for the 2nd method

Suggestions on what I did wrong?

  • Do we need to use Googlsheets?

Thank you

You can’t create array columns like that in Glide Tables. You can only do it in google sheets. What I would try is to create a template column to join the two image columns with a comma separating them. Then create a Split Text column that splits on that comma and then creates an array.

A multiple relation with a lookup also works as it returns an array, but your data would need to be structured in rows instead of columns. I would try my first suggestion.


thanks @Jeff_Hager
I do remember getting it to work on Googlesheets…will try the first option you recommended


first solution works @Jeff_Hager
thank you

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Hi @Jeff_Hager ,

I managed to do the second method which is really cool. I wanted the description of each photo, in this case is the “Sex” of the bird, to accompany the carousel but it seems there is no way to display the text array.

Any further suggestions?

You would have to use a join text column to be able to display the text.

Have tried @ThinhDinh.
Successfully joined words as attached below. However, both the text “Male, Female” will appear…What I want to see happen is, in this case I have two photos, Male and Female bird. I run the carousel. The first photo is picture of a Male bird and the text Male should appear. When I slide, the next picture is female bird, and the text should be Female…However, in both cases the joined text “Male, Female” appeared.
Any other thoughts?

this is the result (opposite to what I need)


Two separate lookup columns are still two separate arrays. The lookup columns are not associated with each other, or linked to each other, except for the fact that they came from the same related sheet. What you are trying to do won’t show the associated sex with each image in a carousel since there is no way for the first lookup column to tell the second lookup column what is being viewed in the first lookup. Instead you would have to view each image individual on a detail screen with any related text you want on the screen. Then find a way to navigate the detail screen between different rows to view each image.


thanks @Jeff_Hager
The carousel is a really nice UX for this application. Wonder if the feature of association of the lookups is in development.

I doubt that it is. Not saying that it isn’t, but I feel like it’s quite a bit outside the scope of how glide works, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. There’s ways to do it with the swipe feature if you look at some of the posts about using that feature. It has a similar feel to it and if you set things up correctly, can work pretty good to swipe left and right between pictures.


Like Jeff said, I would advise using a swipe layout, or use some relations + lookups combinations to get the right image and tag, then use it in an image component.