Disable Form Button

Hello, I need some help with my Glide app. I’m trying to dieabled a form button (+ Send photo) when user already sent a photo and appear notification “You cant send more photo”. I’ve tryied with some user-specific column (US send) but it doesn’t work. After user send a photo i wont increase “send” and “US send” column. I’ll be greatfull for any advice.

You need to:

  1. Create a new column e.g “numberofimage”, set to 0. - user specific.
  2. Set Action to increment numberofimage to 1.
  3. Set visibility of button [+ send photo] to be visible if numberofimage =0.

An alternative to this great idea from Nadir is to create a relation from the profiles sheet to the image submissions sheet, using the email of the signed-in user. If relation is not empty then hide the button and vice versa.


Yes this is exactly what I wanna do but I can’t set action to increment in my case “US send” - this is user specific column to 1 like i shown in pic. 1 and 3. Do you know what im doing wrong?

So you don’t find that field in the increment action choice?

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