Form button glitching

Hey @Mark,

I don’t know if this is happening to someone else. I looked up my problem and didn’t find anything in the forum.

Every time I try to open a form button y goes to a blank page.

Watch video for better explaining. This started like an hour ago.

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Yes, @Santiago_Perez1, unfortunately I have the same problem! And I gave up on continuing to update my project today :sweat:

I noticed that there were changes in the structure of the Glide builder, must be the likely reason.

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Could you please share your app, and tell me where your form button is?

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Yes me too but for specific fields

For example, I have two sheets, one for “Quizzes” and the other one for “Quizzes Log”.

I created a form button for Quizzes Log. In Quizzes Log, there are email address, answer etc plus XP Value and Coins Value.

I added all fields to the form to be filled by students EXCEPT XP and Coins Value. When I choose special columns of XP and Coins Value to pull out information to Quizzes Log, it takes me to a blink page. It worked fine with pulling out user’s email address, current date and time and the rest of the fields except XP and Coins!

Probably only related to numerical values/columns on google sheet? I don’t know when this would be solved as I am planning on having a grand opening for my app tonight!

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Same issue. Everything seems to indicate its happening on forms with Columns components.


Same issue since this morning … :worried:

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Hey @Mark
I DM you the link.

Hello. I have the same issue.
I created an app ( to reproduce the bug. It goes blank page in the edit mode if trying to add “columns values” to a form button.

Same here. Choose button in designer and opens a blank screen

Same. Choose button opens a blank screen.

This is fixed. Apologies for the trouble.


Thanks a lot @Mark

Thank you so much, highly appreciated

Thanks @Mark, your always quick response makes me always want to work with Glide! :wink: