Having trouble with a form and the way it looks in the final version

Hi, Everyone. I am very NEW to the Glide app community. I am just starting out and using the free version (of course.) I used a Youtube tutorial to help start an app I needed that started with a google sheet headings, and made a form to fill out using the Details choice and made a form button. The version on the tutorial must have been an older version because nothing looked the same on his screen as on mine. However, I muttled through it. I created an app with a few glitches. A5958788-DF89-4EDB-B01C-8AF44C9DC793_4_5005_c
In the picture I included the Name of the first item put in is ABOVE the Form Button. I don’t know how that happened and I cannot remove it. It did not happen on the tutorial.
Also, one more question, is there a way to get into the app on your phone home screen without having to log in and receive a PIN number. This is inconvenient and I am afraid the team that I am making it for will not use it if this has to happen each time to open the app on the phone.
I will appreciate any help. thank you in advance. MDJYAZOO

There are many old tutorials out there since Glide just recently moved to 2.0.

I’m not sure I understand this. Can you elaborate?

Just to be clear this is a safe practice for security controls. If you don’t want to use this an alternative is enabling login with Google.

Hi @mdjyazoo Welcome to the community and the wonderful world of Glide! :slight_smile:

As you suspected Glide has gone through a number of changes over the past year or so. You can learn about the newest update here. Glide 2.0 • Glide

What it seems like is that the information for the form is routed back to that screen with the button, you’ll need to change where that data is going, if you want it on a separate page. Or on the left side you can recorder the components to move the button to be at the top of the entries.

When I publish apps to my phone, once I login I don’t have to relogin each time I open it.