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Glide n00b here: have just discovered Glide, began by customizing the Interviews app, and it’s all gone great so far… And now i want to add a Form to collect user inputs, but the “Forms” button seems to be missing from my UI. In the online Guide and related video, looks like it’s supposed to appear atop the menu of views that runs down LH side of screen, but mine (per img attached below) looks different, and there is no such Forms button in evidence. Am i missing something? If so where, i wonder?

My app’s URL:

You add a form button as a component when in Layout mode. Then you click on the button and design the form.

The documentation might help you:

@david @JackVaughan I wonder if there is any way to send a default message to all new community sign-ups with a few links like: documentation, tutorials, YouTube channels to give them a heads up on the resources available to them.

I see how to do this on the Details page that is revealed after clicking on a list item, but what i was trying to do is add form to the list itself- “Candidates,” in case of this Interviews app -but now i see there’s another way to enable Candidates to submit a form. Problem solved, thanks!

@George_B All new users of Glide get a message with these resources but I will see whether it would work to remind them again when they sign up to Discourse.

I must say: docs & videos are quite good and comprehensive and easily accessible, both from the confirmation email i received on signup, and thru the UI itself -so i don’t think there’s any problem on that score. Fact is: you’ve got a very powerful technology here, that makes it so easy to dive in and start building some fairly complex things, one can too easily forget to RTFM… But then there is sure to be some fundamental truth that’s gonna come back and bite you, because you didn’t learn it before using some tool that relies on it. Sal Khan gave an excellent TED Talk on this problem of patchwork learning, and how to plot more reliable roads to mastery. May not be so immediately practical here, but something to think about for the future of Glide -which is awesome, IMHO. Rock on, y’all!


Good to hear Walt. I haven’t seen that Ted talk. Love Sal. Will check it out.

Excellent point there @walt and thanks for the TED talk link. I am a fan of Sal but hadn’t seen that talk. He really makes some great observations about what is wrong with our current traditional model of education.

The problem I continually have is that there are so many features and so many being introduced, that I sometimes miss either seeing a new one at all, or not have the time to explore it fully. Then somewhere down the road I’m doing something the hard way or believing that it can’t be done, when in fact it can. Case in point is this reply I gave to someone. I forgot (or never knew) that you could put a rich text component on an Add screen and put your own custom markdown text. That is a pretty basic piece of knowledge about a feature in Glide that somehow didn’t make it’s way into my brain. Oh well, always learning is my motto.


Thanks, @George_B : the fact that even a Certified Expert such as yourself can still get bit by gotchas that somehow got skipped-over is something of a comfort… And proof of SalK’s point (like: maybe that certification process still has a hole or few in need of patching? :smile:

Seriously though: for such a fast-moving project, you guys are doing quite an exemplary job of keeping docs & video explainers up-to-date with all these new features. I particularly appreciate the mix of short & long form videos that explain a feature briefly, and then show it can be applied in an interesting UseCase (kudos to @JackVaughan, who is quite a master of this fine art, it must be said!).

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Thanks Walt - that’s really appreciated.

I think we’re doing ok at docs, but I’d definitely like to do more to address what @George_B says. I would really like to do a ‘releases’ or ‘new features’ page on the site so you can always catch up with what you’ve missed and look back at what we released in the past. A bit like a permanent/blog version of our ‘What’s New’ popup.

What do you guys think?


Yeah please do, because now you need to check your Twitter account to find out and not everyone does or has Twitter. In an ideal world a new feature has a new explainer video too.

Something else: I was just looking at some of your tutorial movies (not the long 'build Instagram ones but the short ones) and some of them feel too short to me. Some of them point in a direction but don’t show it all. For example the per user data one. They don’t have to be 2 minutes, it’s ok to take 10 minutes to learn :wink:


Yes a true versioning document like most software has. Doesn’t the Glide builder/app design environment follow some kind of versioning? If not it should IMHO.

I could point you to thousands of examples of how version release notes are done, but here is an article that highlights 5 various ones:

Haha I think we need to find the Goldilocks length!

I only have a problem with too short :wink: When something is too long I just stop watching :wink:


Hi jack, this is what a rival does. Must prevent a lot of repetitive requests or questions flying around for you guys to work through

Can see what is being worked on
What has been released (with supporting docs/videos/use cases)
Voting for users

i like that a lot

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Really helpful it is

Hey, yea - totally.

The platform we’ve been using is now able to share views publically (here’s a sneak peek :wink: ). Currently you can only vote on these in Intercom - but v soon you should be able to browse and vote externally - and we will share more information when that happens.

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