A form's "Submit Button" does not show up in components section

Hello Glide Community,

I am a high school student that is taking Computer Science for the third year and I volunteered to fix a problem my library has. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 our library’s seats will be limited and it is a very popular area so it has to be monitored efficiently. I made a reservation app using Glide however I ran into a severe problem.

The app has a Form layout where a student has to fill out his/her information in text and numerical fields then has to press the submit button. My app then records the information and reserves that specific seat. The problem comes with tracking the number of available seats.

I plan to edit the form’s submit button in order for it to decrement the amount of available seats by 1; I CANT FIND THE SUBMIT BUTTON IN THE COMPONENTS SECTION. From tutorials knowledge I understood that to edit a button it can be found in the components section however I can’t find it.

I know exactly how to keep track of available seats I just need to figure out how/where to edit the button. Again it’s a Form layout submit button.

I appreciate all the help you guys can come up with and I will be looking forward to it! :grinning:
(Uploaded a screenshot of the button)…

The submit button at the top right of the screen is not a component. It’s just part of the form in general. What you could do instead is move all of your form entry components to the main detail screen where you have the form button. Create User Specific columns and assign then to the user specific columns. Then build your conditions on the form button to show or hide based on if all of the entry components are filled and the available seats are greater than 0.

Or as a simpler solution, you could keep your form the same, but hide the form button altogether if the available seats are zero.

And for your other suggested solution, how would I go about hiding the button when available seats are zero?

Thank you for your reply. Do you think I would be able to record responses if I don’t use the default form layout and make the form entry components from scratch?

You would still need a form, because a form will write new rows for each seat that’s reserved. I would recommend to keep that in place. What I’m suggesting is that in the sheet used for the tab that contains the form button, you would add a Rollup column that would count the number of seats reserved from the sheet that contains the form responses. Then create a Template column, or have a column in your sheet, that contains the total number of available seats. Then you just need a Math column to subtract the difference of reserved seats from total seats. Finally set a visibility condition on the form button to only show if the Math column value is greater than zero. That way once all seats are reserved, the form button won’t show at all.