How can i hide the visibility on submit button in a form

I have two employees whose roles are different. On the Glide editing form, I only want the submit button to be visible to the Admin. I changed the visibility settings in the Actions, but it isn’t working.

This is not how this would work. The way you have currently set this up, this will not hide the submit button. It will only not trigger the 4 actions on submit if your other role edits the form.

If you don’t want your other role to not see the “SUBMIT” button, then why don’t you apply the visibilty condition on the Edit Button so they can’t see the edit screen at all. Why do you want them to see the Edit Screen but not Submit the edits?

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I can’t hide the visibility button, because on the form, there is also a section meant for both the admin and the other employees . If I hide it like you said the other employees won’t be able to access some information meant for them on the form, so that why I just want to hide the submit button

Why don’t you use the detail screen to display information?


The reason I don’t want to use the details screen is that, on the form, the Admin has some specific information to fill out, after which they will use the submit button. The other employee also has their own specific information to fill out, after which they will use a button I created separately at the bottom of the form. For the employee button i created myself, I was able to hide the visibility from the Admin, but I can’t hide the submit button(automatically generated for me on the form), which is solely meant for the Admin, from the employee.

You are going about this the wrong way. Instead of trying to hide the submit button, you should use visibility conditions to show or hide specific input components based on user role.

Attached below is my screen. I did exactly just what you said, on the first screen, the admin has only one text entry to fill out, after which they press the submit button. The admin can’t see the employee input. On the second screen, the employee has their own unique text input, which is only visible to them.

On the admin screen, you will notice that the admin can only see one button. However, on the employee screen, the employee can see two buttons. Only one button is meant for the employee, which is the confirm button.

The issue I am having is that I can hide the “confirm button” I created myself on the employee section from the admin, but I can’t seem to find a section that allows me to hide the submit button, which comes automatically from the Glide form, from the employee. The submit button is supposed to be meant only for the admin.

As shown in the picture below:

Basically, your submit button can perform more than one action depending on the role. In other words, a separate confirm button is no longer needed.


Please how can i achieve this

Just delete the button that you added. You don’t need it.


Aren’t you working on it by creating an action for your submit button?

No, they perform different functions. The Submit button, which is meant for the admin, is used to reject a job created by the employee, while the Confirm button, meant for the employee, is used to edit a job created by them. so you see why i can’t delete the button

Are they both not editing the same data row?

If there are additional actions that need to be performed when an Admin submits the edit form, this can be handled with an onSubmit action with a condition attached.

Yes you can create a branch from the onSubmit action as mentioned by Darren.

@Darren_Murphy they are editing the same data row, but the submit button which is meant for the agent perform different function from the employee button. @Himaladin i added a branch like you said it but it isn’t working, is there anything wrong here

@Darren_Murphy @Hassan_Nadeem @Himaladin Thank you all for your ever swift response, so i created a true or false statement on my glide table of which i was able to use it to set a condition on the action button and it works. just what i needed. Thanks once again


Congratulations to you. For your information, you can remove the submit button using CSS, but this method is not the appropriate solution for this case.

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