Force users to enter Geolocation (or perform some other action) at specific intervals

*Note: geolocation functionality requires a Glide Pro App.

I was recently asked if an app could prompt users (delivery personnel) to update their geolocation in app so that an admin can monitor the drivers and keep them accountable.

Here’s how I approached it:

You can use this same trickery to display an in app notification that users must acknowledge before continuing in the app. Enjoy!


The Showscreen column is redundant there, eh?
I mean, you could just set your tab visibility based on NOW() vs Next Checkin.
I guess having the true/false column means a couple of less clicks when setting the visibility (one condition vs two)

True true.

I’ve already implemented this in one of CRM app. It’s for letting employees logging in forcefully every 30 mins.

Your logic for the set columns is nice.

I was facing a lag of 5-8 seconds between tab exchanging because of manual logic.

Thanks for sharing. It helped me to achieve quick access login.