Pop-Up alert across whole App

A window with alert message will pop-up on screen, regardless what tab are you on.
Users can take action or dismiss message.
It should be based on one of User profile tab columns.
optional: choose if pop in all tabs or specific one

notify Users about expired subscription, customers ask a question or placed an order, new update from App developer, advertisement from sponsors… etc

please vote for it!

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Hola @Uzo,

This is a workaround but I believe it’d do the same.

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that is a little solution, it makes all tabs disappear, and make visible the one with message… i can deal with that temporally.
but still i would love just a small popup window, so users wont loose focus on what they doing.


I agree! This would be a cool feature :sunglasses:

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click that link to vote for it! :wink:

Voted. This would be an amazing alternative to notifications.

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we can put Advertising banners in that pop-ups to get some $$$ lol

You told that to the wrong person :joy:
I am against advertising…

why ??? is up to you or your customer to place it.

It’s up to me. :smiley:

is so many useful applications for this feature

I see it’s useful, and it earns you some money, but users can get annoyed. Do you like youtube ads? You probably don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

I, personally, care more about my UX than money.


yes, but is just small pop-up that you can dismiss, not like youtube they stop the show for few seconds… anyway you dont need to use for advertising… is up to you lol

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Something similar to “Show Notication” today, but in a way to set when user get into that tab or something like this
Would be great


yes, and if you can set to all tabs, or specific one. this way you can get noticed even if you are on different tab

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