Message announcing new features

Allow some sort of in app message which is displayed when opening the app - even if your signed in. Can be used to announce new features to your app etc

You can use a rich text in the opening tab that you use to push announcements.
Or even an image component. If you’re asking for a push notification, I don’t know. lol

When you open the app often it opens at the page you were on last visit so having a message on a front screen will not suffice. News to be triggered when ever and whatever page you open on. Be good to also have a close function to dismiss the message once read

If you open the app and it’s still sitting on the last page you were on, then it’s likely that new design features haven’t migrated to the app yet and would require the app to restart. At least in my experience, I have to force close and reopen the app to pull down the updated interface. Data is obviously updated in really time, but layout, component and design changes would require the app to restart at some point. At that point your notification could be in the home tab.

Thanks, but I am relying on the user to refresh the app which probably isn’t gonna happen :frowning: you can hopefully see how something like this would be useful? Like a pop up that appears on whatever screen the user is on to be dismissed by closing

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