Message indicator

Just a thought, but I will be announcing updates and new information to my users via the app, it would be good if when they login they could have an indicator on the bottom menu that there is a new message from me like this as an example image


There are some limitations with this. Especially with IOS. I assume these limitations would include the notification count indicator.

Thanks, I was just an idea when you open the app rather than an indicator on the actual phone (if you see what I mean) so any updates I make on the app the user sees there is an announcement to read.

Thanks anyway


You could always have a Rich Text component or Image button on the home tab of your app that you fill in your sheet if you have a new announcement. Not a push notification, but when they open the app, they would see the announcement right away.


Yes, I am interested too! Can it be based on form submissions, so that the rich text component can get updated automatically on new rows getting added? Or, I think, it may be a good idea to have TEMPLATE message - You have NUM messages. where NUM is the number of rows in a sheet based on particular conditions.

i cant make it yet.

You could set up some sort of relation column to join the sheet (that you would be viewing a detail record) to the sheet that contains your form submissions. That would allow you to use a rollup column to count the number of records that match whatever value you used for the relation. Then you could use a template column to build a message that includes the count.

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May I see your concept app?? I will understand if I see visual concept of it.

I don’t have an example related to this post, but here is my Concepts app.

I have seen all fitur ypur app. I m interested in dynamic filter like below :

Can I use filter distance radius 2 kilometre between buyer position and seller location smartphone actived ??


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