Just a little no brainer here to help folks pick out some new movies to watch. Maybe down the road I will add trailer videos of each movie. Check it out. Of course suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Looks nice! :slight_smile: Maybe add an optional field for users to upload a poster for the flick if they wanted?

Great idea…

Mike Noftzger



Would also be cool to give the ability to login and keep track of the movies you watched.

Any suggestions on how to do that?

Mike Noftzger

I added the movie posters for each of the movies. Not sure I want users adding pics. Hard enough getting to to upload the movie info. Lol

And it looks awesome! :raised_hands::raised_hands: It’s amazing how much life a single image can bring to a page!

Now that you have all of these awesome posters loaded in, maybe the tile view would really complement them on the movies page? What do you think?

If you wanted to create a sort of approval system for the movie submissions, you could create a column of checkboxes on your sheet with the heading Approved, then you could create a filter on your movie list to only show movie submissions you’ve clicked as Approved!

Might be able to do this easily using the built in Favorites feature.

Check it out now. I renamed it as well. Great suggestion. Will have to work on approval system.


Mike Noftzger

Based on your suggestion, I switched it to Tile View. I also changed the background to the dark mode, and then got really into it and added the movie trailers to the bottom of each movie…As well as added a Log-In Screen, and the Add + at the top of the Movies Tab.


What a difference! It looks great!
I do also have a large movie collection, I’ll have to take a look at it and see what I should add to your database!

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Thanks! The more movies, the better.