Flick Hits Movie App

I’ve done a little bit of tweaking on my Flick Hits Movie App. I’ve added the ability for users to add their own favorite movies to the database as well as give the movie a score. Let me know your thoughts and any other creative suggestions to make it a great app.

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Nice app!

You could :

  • add an in app filter so that your users will be able to filter per category (drama,…)
  • add a profile tab in the menu, so that your users would be able to see the films they have added + provide their name and an avatar
  • add a mention “added by…” referring to the user who have added the film

All great ideas…Thanks

What a wonderful app, thank you. I will be using it to catch up on a few movies.


  • Would you consider removing your “Home” tab altogether and making your “Movies” tab the starting screen?
  • At the top of the “Movies” screen, if you keep one of the two images of the “Home” screen, would you consider displaying the name of your app/brand and a tag line only? For exemple: “Flick Hits. Movie recommendations during Covid-19 quarantine.” (tag line below headline and smaller).
  • On the item’s screen, would you consider moving the trailer to the very top, just below the title and genre? You could either move the poster down to the very bottom or remove it entirely. The reason for this is that the poster takes up too much screen real estate and given the choice to see a poster or tap on play when choosing what movie to watch in a few minutes, the user will probably prefer watching the trailer (assumption to be tested). If this assumption is true and the trailer is at the very bottom of the screen, then the user will be forced to scroll to the very bottom of the screen every time.
  • Would you consider moving the “About” tab to the hamburger menu. The new features in the app are interesting, but maybe not interesting to the point where they should be front row? The users are on Flick Hits to find movie recommendations.
  • On the “Movies” screen, how about having a section (inline list) called “Flick Hits recommendations” and another called “My favorites for later”. I could heart movies (“favorites” features) in the recommendations list and that would put them aside for me.
  • Isn’t the “Add” form a little long? Will the form submission be reviewed by yourself or your team? If so, maybe you could require less information from the user and fill out what is missing?
  • I like @Christophe_HK’s idea of adding a filter by category.

I am looking forward to using your app and seeing what changes you might make!

Wow. Those are some great recommendations. I will definitely consider all of them and start implementing them in stages. I think the first one will be to move the trailers up to the top as you recommended. More to come…Thanks again.

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Thoughts on continuing to use the Sign-In?

In my opinion there should be reasons to implementing sign-ins. Food for thought:

  • Per-user data is saved and to be displayed: such as “My favorites”. I think this is a worthwhile feature, though perhaps it is not part of your plan to personalize screens per-user this way.
  • You want to create some sort of community: (1) Chat feature (2) User can upload his own recommendations and it is important that other users know who uploaded what. If the app were to be released in a small town or community, this feature might be interesting. But if release to a wider audience, would it matter?

If you don’t plan to implement the favorites feature or to create a community in the app, then I would forgo the sign-in feature and make the app public only.

Any idea if you can change the color of Favorite from a White Heart to a different color?

I don’t think it’s possible at the moment.

Bummer. Hopefully they will develop it soon. Thanks

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