๐Ÿ†• App Favoriting

:new: Starred Apps: now you can star your favorite apps, to pin them to the top of your dashboard for quick access to your most important projects :star2:

Most customers start with an idea for a single app, but soon build a collection of apps as they discover more & more problems Glide can solve. We know more than a few Glide power users with hundreds of apps on their dashboard. We hope this helps!

App favoriting final


Hi Sebastian, This feature is ready on Production? โ€ฆ I donโ€™t see that, yetโ€ฆ

Yes!! Its ON!

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Only in Teams yet!

Oki, Lucasโ€ฆ I got itโ€ฆ thanks

Thanksโ€ฆ Adriร โ€ฆ