Filter Using User, Admin and All

I’m trying to create a filter so that calendar events are filtered based on the permissions of the signed in user. It works fine if the calendar event permission is set to User or Admin which matches the user, but I’d like to also have a permission type “All” so that certain calendar events are visible to everyone without having to duplicate that row and type User on one and Admin on the other. Is this possible?

@Clifton_Crouch Have you tried creating another column which you might call event_permission_all? In the rows needed, indicate “all” (the basic column could also be a boolean). In your filter, you would include this new column.

I think you can add a “User & Admin” type and filter by signed-in user’s type is included in event’s permission type.

Thanks. This helped me find the solution which is really similar. You can’t select Signed-in User’s Type as the first filter option, you have to select the column values.

So I did filter “Permissions” (column) includes “Permissions” (signed in user’s permissions type).

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