Possible to sort by "user type"? (help needed)

Hi Glide community,

I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to create something analogous to a per-user filter except for multiple users.

For example, say I have a calendar and two types of users, A and B (for clarification there are multiple users A and multiple users B). In the calendar tab, I want users A to see entries only relevant to them and vice versa for B. Essentially, I’m trying to organize by user type as opposed to individual user. Is this possible?


Using your calendar example, create a column in your calendar entries sheet that contains “Group A” or “Group B”. Also create a sheet that contains a list of users and the group that they belong to. Now you can create a multiple relation column in the calendar sheet to link the group name column to the group name column in the users sheet. Next you will create a lookup column that uses that relation to build an array list of users emails. You can now use the lookup column you created in a filter to filter by signed in user. Each user will only see calendar entries for the group that they belong to.